Masks of Nyarlathotep Live Play Parts 8 and 9

So I realized that I have over 30 hours of the Masks live play just sitting there. I had originally intended the video files to be edited as the previous session. However, this is just not possible any longer. My internet is not great these days, and uploading a 4 hour video file is a painful process that I have yet to actually accomplish successfully.

With all that in mind Episode 8 is the last fully edited session, session 9 is basically the raw Hangouts file. Sorry for this, but oh well. They are really fun and worth sharing.

Also there is no separate audio for these right now. I will add in some later on.

Also, for those of you going to NecronomiCON in Providence, RI this year, you will be able to meetup with all of the players from A Bunch of Arseholes. That’s right we will be having an international meetup at NecronomiCON, RI. We hope to see you there.

So here is about 7 hours total of Masks Live play as a consolation prize. I will also be letting out about one a week from this point on. Oh, and Oscar Rios is a guest player in these episodes. Thanks Osc!