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Welcome to the Suppressed Transmissions Forum

Post by Canageek » Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:09 am

That you Murph and the rest of the MU Podcast cabal.

I'm Matthew, aka Canageek, and went by Lachlan on the old G+ group.

For those stumbling in here: This is meant to be one of a number of successors to Jürgen Hubert's Google+ Suppressed Transmissions group. Taking its name from Steve Jackson Games Suppressed Transmissions Column by Kenneth Hite, that group ran for many years, finding links to things which could provide inspiration for DMs crafting adventures. While (like all such groups I've been in) it leaned heavily into the conspiracy and fortean, it also had a number of interesting historical articles, something I have tried to promote.

So, the general mission statement for this forum will be to share resources that could inspire GMs to make adventures or NPCs. Now, these resources would preferably be true, or at least believed to be true by the people writing them, as there are lots of places online to find good fictional resources. Things based on the real world that could inspire players will also work, but the goal is to draw from history, myth, urban legends, and so on.

As a note, a few ground rules:
  • -Don't try and promote conspiracy theories you think are real: The whole point of this is using things in fiction.

    -We are not interested in conspiracy theories targeting minorities. This includes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. They hurt people, they aren't fun at the table, do not post them.

    -Warn people if your links include violent, sexual, or medical imagery.

    -Do your best to try and tag images that hit common phobias, spiders, clowns, and so on. Of course, we can't be comprehensive, but it helps.
As a note, we are not the only successor to the G+ Suppressed Transmission group. Jürgen is running a MeWe group and [url=https://www.facebook.com/groups/2515898 ... p_activity]Helen Calder and I have created a Facebook group. However, I noticed that people where still posting to the G+ group even after the banner saying it would all be deleted in a month went up, and found a number of people where not comfortable with using either Facebook or MeWe, and thus contacted Murph. I hope this serves as a home to those people, as that group included a lot of our most active and creative members.
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