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Dungeon Crawl in a North Korean Floating Hotel

Posted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 12:30 pm
by cferry
The world's first floating hotel has been condemned to be demolished by order of Kim Jong Un. The floating building has a slightly cursed history running from being built in Singapore to failed unveiling on Australia's Great barrier Reef due to nearby WWI explosives, to Vietnam, to North Korea.

But a mysterious benefactor wants our team to recover something that was left behind in the walls of the derelict hulk before it gets broken up for scrap. Can you sneak across the DMZ in into the shut-down Mount Kumgang Tourist Region? What could possibly be valuable enough to justify such a risk. And who else is on the hunt? ... rth-korea/

Re: Dungeon Crawl in a North Korean Floating Hotel

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 4:57 am
by Kevin O'Neill
Fascinating! Great work finding this. Although I was very much alive in Australia during that time period :P I don't recall hearing about this at all. I was living on the opposite side of the country in a rural town at the time so the floating hotel wasn't exactly the most important news but given that even in the 1980s there was a strong conservation movement to protect the Great Barrier Reef I am surprised this didn't get more coverage.
Despite the claim that it "has reportedly developed “something of a cult following in Australia” over the years on its bizarre journey across the world." it's barely remembered today.

But to take your adventure seed further, what if the "floatel" had developed a real cult in Australia? :shock:
What if the aim of the mission was not simply to retrieve something from the vessel, but to revive some "thing" that had been embedded into the vessel when it was built? :cthulhu1:
The Characters might be conned into reviving this entity and are unaware of what their actions will really do :twisted: or perhaps the Characters are being sent there to stop another group from awakening the entity? :o

Re: Dungeon Crawl in a North Korean Floating Hotel

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 3:35 pm
by cferry
My family and I have been talking about this adventure seed while on long car trips and have few additional ideas.

The lead proposal is that the whole team has a goal, but each member has one of the additional goals as well...

McGuffins include:
1) The true will of the floatel's creator - recognizing a by-blow child who has been left out in the cold these 40 years

2) The survey results of those WWII munitions near the anchor-points - turn out the ship was also carrying the Dutch East Indies gold reserve to Australia at the time

3) Video surveillance cameras and tapes from the floatel's time as a Vietnamese nightclub. One low-level official with embarrassing sexual interests is now in charge of Vietnam's oil rights in the Spratley and Paracel Islands - his actions could prevent (or cause) a war between Vietnam and China.

4) A list of North Korean dissidents that was never picked up from it's dead-drop during the family reunions. The CIA wants the names to use to either undermine Kim Jong Un or help stabilize the country if he falls. The South Koreans would rather see the list destroyed than risk it falling into North Korean hands.

There's also something about a group of Russian separatists who have a "decommissioned" submarine up and (barely) working, and a plan to town the whole hotel out to sea instead of being stealthy. I'm not sure which will develop a leak and sink first, the floatel or the submarine.