Episode 84: Top Three Mythos Artefacts

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Episode 84: Top Three Mythos Artefacts

Post by Scott Dorward » Tue Aug 02, 2016 12:00 pm


We're back and we're knee-deep in unwholesome items, terrors beyond the understanding of the human mind and dark mysteries of the cosmos. So, an average Tuesday.

This episode is our discussion of what makes a Mythos artefact interesting in Call of Cthulhu, how we might use them in our games and what our top three artefacts might be.
The ideal Mythos artefact is like a whoopee cushion. It looks innocuous, even welcoming at first, then it tears your mind loose from the restraints of human perception, sending you screaming into the unfathomable heart of eternity. And then it makes a farting noise.

There is also a lot of singing in this episode. We had three new people back us on Patreon at the $5 level, and we sing all of their praises this week. We tried some new vocal techniques and Paul really went to town on the editing. The results are the most sanity-blasting to date (with the possible exception of our ill-advised venture into hip hop).

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