Episode 10 - The Mythos as corruption

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Episode 10 - The Mythos as corruption

Post by KeeperAntUK » Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:24 am

The continuing journey of a runner through the Good Friends back catalogue.

Wow! What a fantastic episode!

It was like listening to Master Craftsman discussing the subtle yet profound elements of their craft.

The Mythos as corruption is, for me at least, what makes CoC stand aside and above the vast majority of the myriad of other games out there. HP's influential style set the tone, and the game continued where he left off.

Many of the points you discussed are the ones that have stuck with Me. Physical corruption, mental corruption and the corruption of self. The short story that I posted in the Student Writing section of the forums actually has many of these elements included.

To me, the glory of CoC came in these little moments, the (at first) gradual erosion of 'normality'. An accretion of these minor moments lead to the awful realisation that 'normality' is at the least subjective, and possibly even an arrogant conceit.

The rents in reality are then widened until they are completely torn asunder, and you finally Understand.

The final abuse to the senses then arrives in the form of Cthulhu or one of his ilk. Fortunately, by this point in an adventure, the PCs are probably too far gone and/or eager for death to see the sacrifices they must make as anything other than a relief, and just possibly a way to make their lives mean something.

The final scenes of many an adventure are often set pieces, fun ways to save the world (maybe) or at least it gain another day. But the real meat of CoC, the bit that interests me, is the early part.

One of my formative CoC moments came whilst playing a Dr in what was probably my first or second game. I came from the early games of the late 70's where we were Heroes all. This was classic CoC and, equipped with my Drs bag, a sword cane and a pretty ferocious Library Use skill, I was ready to face the monsters.

Only there weren't any.

At least not at first. We investigated, followed, spied and had two incidents where a ruffian was given a punch on the nose or similar. It was brilliant. Characters came to the fore and role playing took precedence over roll playing.

Already hooked, the defining moment came for me when, after entering the villains house (by the simple expedient of knocking) and sending his maid to fetch him, he strolled down the stairs in an affable but villainous manner and the Keeper had me roll on my medical skill. Needless to say I passed and, after I did, the Keeper looked at me and without a word or change of expression, slid a note across the table to me.

The note simply said 'This man exhibits no signs of life. He is dead'. My understanding of the game world was rocked.

Keeping that innocence is the hard bit.

Thanks for another great episode

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