Episode 3 - Scare Themselves Silly

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Episode 3 - Scare Themselves Silly

Post by KeeperAntUK » Tue Jul 14, 2015 7:36 pm

Sorry about going so far back, but I am listening to your back catalogue and I really enjoyed listening to your movie choices.

I think it became clear to me while listening, that when and where you first see a film can have a huge impact on the way we react to it. Paul's Salems Lot story is a great example of that. Salems Lot scared me stupid because I first saw it at a friends house and then walked home through a wood to an empty house. My parents were away and I was alone for the first time. Realising my window looked exactly like the window the Vampire boy floats in front of didnt help my cause.

Watching it many years later was a bit of a let down !

I agree with Scott that Threads was horrifying if you are of a certain age. I still wake up sometimes surprised that there isnt a mushroom cloud on the horizon. The Day After starring Jason Robards is a kind of American version.

Matt's choice of Duel was a brilliant example of the 'Less-is-more' concept. I found it particularly horrific because I was a fan of Dennis Weaver as the eponymous McLoud!

The films that have scared me the most have often been the ones I wasnt expecting and/or didn't know anything about. Ringu was such a film, watched after coming back from a semi-serious imbibing session I turned it on, thought 'This looks interesting' and couldnt stop looking in horrified fascination.

Not quite as unfortunate as my good friend George who found a copy of Ringu on VHS in his brothers room. His brother should have been home but wasn't. George decided to watch the film knowing nothing about it at all, possibly hoping it might be one of his brothers 'Gentlemens Collectibles' range!

George watched it alone in the early hours of the morning and it was only the ringing of his landline that spurred him out of the chair to turn on every light in the flat. The call was from his parents who were in Hong Kong and had forgotten about the time difference.

Unfortunate, or what ?

Paul Fricker
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Re: Episode 3 - Scare Themselves Silly

Post by Paul Fricker » Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:47 pm

That's a good point. I think that landmark films leave an impression on me and I remember what was happening when I saw them That whole thing of everyone remembering where they were when… — seems to apply to films too.
The Exorcist - Wakefield cinema, late 80s.
Reservoir Dogs - Leicester Square, early 90s.
Bubbahotep - with Scott, I think at his place.
Jaws (and so, so many others) - my local town cinema in the late 70s.
Star Wars - on my first family holiday in Llandudno, North Wales aged about 9. It had been out for ages but had not been to my local cinema. Films didn't get such good distribution back then did they.

I could go on of course, but you're probably getting bored now :)
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