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Post by thedoctor11 » Sat Jun 21, 2014 6:52 pm

here is what one of my friends posted about our COC game last sunday. it was a recap because some people couldn't make it.

"So, how about a little recap for those who weren't there or who missed something because they weren't there or took a nap. We started off in Shanghai and went to a bar, the name of which escapes me because I don't have my notes with me. My reporter, Will's samurai and Devin's con man (in disguise, no less) asked the owner, Fergus, yes really, some questions and as soon as the name Jack Brady came up our party gained the attention of a Japanese clandestine fellow pretending to be drunk, a gang of Chinese men wearing clothes with monkey patches and white guy hanging out with a bunch of Chinese men. We agreed to come back after hours to discuss Brady as it was clrealy not safe. We then went outside the bar to have some street food where we struck up a conversation with our new Japanese friend who was clearly trying to see what we were up to. Turns out Brady is suspected of being involved with the development of a new weapon as well as a Chinese revolutionary group called New China. At that point, the monkey guys came out of the bar and started heading towards us and we all agreed it would be best if we disappeared, which we did with little trouble. After the bar closed Will, Justin and I went back, finished talking to Fergus and got a lot of info. Upon leaving the bar we were accosted by one of the monkey men again and after a failed attempt to lose him, Justin was forced to shoot him in the face.
The next day, we went to a fortune teller, don't ask me why, it seemed like a good idea at the time. At the fortune teller's place, we met a cat, who I fed and took with me into the fortune teller's home. Almost immediately, the fortune teller started acting sketchy, and after a couple of really boring, non-helpful fortune readings, we got him to give us the "real" thing. Which consisted of locking us in a giant jade cabinet. We were, of course, suspicious and only Justin went in the cabinet. While waiting for the cabinet thing to finish, our fortune teller tried to make us drink tea, which we politely refused. Instead, I began using my precog ability and saw that Justin was in danger, at which point, I jumped up and critically shot our fortune teller friend in the face. Our attempt to rescue Justin was, however, hindered when the cat I let into the place became a terrifying cat demon and nearly killed me, which I would've deserved. Somehow, we all made it out, mostly unscathed, except for Justin, who lost half his power in the cabinet. (Sorry, Justin)
As a means of making ourselves feel better after the humiliating cat demon episode, we went back to the bar, and lured the monkey guys out into the street where I set off a string of firecrackers that distracted the gang and gave us a free round of attacks. Will threw a hatchet at the first guy, who was then finished off by Justin, IIRC. I critically cracked one in the back of the head with my baseball bat, which knocked him unconscious, but didn't quite kill him. Devin then wounded one man and killed another. Will then started off the first round of actual combat by decapitating one man, leaving one last monkey guy who tried to run away. Will shot him with an arrow and Devin tracked him back to his base, while Will and I, after I threw down a smoke bomb, Batman stylie, dragged our unconscious friend into the alleyway, revived him, got as much info as we could get, snapped his neck and then high-tailed it back to the hotel."

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Re: Shangai

Post by Russacky » Mon Jun 23, 2014 2:36 am

thedoctor11 wrote:dragged our unconscious friend into the alleyway, revived him, got as much info as we could get, snapped his neck and then high-tailed it back to the hotel."
This made me giggle. Good story.
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