Remove one hand from your inventory, please.

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Remove one hand from your inventory, please.

Post by Russacky » Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:42 pm

Beware this post isn't investigator friendly as it spoils the story for the 'Edge of Darkness' scenario. Read on if you like but your keeper might punish your conspicuously fortunate foresight.

So, I was keeping for the 'Edge of Darkness' scenario with my friends. One of them is playing a professor called Reginald Farnsworth (yes, somehow he got me to agree to this name without me noticing the fact that he'd be called Professor Farnsworth :( ).

Anyway he's my favourite character purely because he always manages to set me up, unbeknownst to him, to do horrible stuff to the party.

Anyway during this campaign they managed to find the raccoon with the curious wound. The Professor decided to set some traps for animals that night. Two of the party, including the Professor, decided to stay in the home overnight. Unfortunately they stayed in the back room, no heart eating for ol' lurky that night. So the next morning they take the trapped animals and during the following night tied a heart up and also a live rabbit. One of the characters called 'The Russian', who's called that purely because the party can't say his name, makes a listen roll and hears some...disconcerting noises coming from where the animals have been strung up. They both see the rabbit's jerky movements and what looks almost like a shadow next to it. They decide to shoot. I inform them of their successful hits, too bad they didn't do anything. The shadow thing screamed at them and left.

The Professor asks if the rabbit's heart is still there. "No". He then asks if the tied up heart is still there. "Yes". The Professor exclaims "Oh, jesus! This thing's not doing that for food it's doing it for fun!". For whatever reason he decides to test the limits of how safe the room is. He first steps up to the threshold of the back door. Nothing happens. He then takes the remaining rabbit and tells me he'd like to hold it outside the threshold of the door. To my delight he says that he wants to keep a firm grip on the rabbit while he dangles it out of the door. I roll an attack for the beast, do a strength based resistance check and, as the beast is so strong, it succeeds.

I tell my friend to please subtract one rabbit and one hand from his inventory.
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