Working on PCMR scenarios

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Working on PCMR scenarios

Post by Koakai » Mon Jan 12, 2015 11:10 pm

To me this group is a fun little thing to play with. I have a great many ideas floating around in my head based off things and events in BC during the war, but this one is part of a rewrite surrounding my Shotgun scenario for this year. Amazingly it scored 2 votes (and given I didn't vote, hey someone liked it!).

In this case, a group of Rangers are out to recover a balloon. I need help with trying to figure out how to work out my nasty beastie that the rangers will encounter. I have a couple of ideas around it, but I have very limited experiance in making this wort of stuff come together.

In any case, here is the first bit of the scenario (or rather all that I have written thus far).

Note to the Keeper:
This scenario starts out as a training day for the player characters, who in this scenario are a part of the PCMR. This was the local home guard/militia for the BC coast during world war 2. Feel free to be lavish with the increases during the training portion as the beastie will likely eat them all alive in the end.

The war is slowly rolling to a close. The allies have crossed the Rhine and victory is all but ensured. As a home guard, the writing seems to be on the wall for PCMR and they expect demobilization in a couple of months. As members of one of the companies, this training day is attended more for the fun of it then any expectation of ever using these skills. Careful horse trading with the local depot company has gotten your company a bunch of surplus to requirements ammunition and a Sergeant to bring out the big guns. An atmosphere of play abounds as you know you’ll get to blow through all of this in an orgy of force.

Available for use without any rolls.

Rifles (standard issue items. Lots of ammo to run through)
Sten Guns (Each company had at least 1-3, some with a few more. Lots of ammo available to run through)
Homemade Munitions (Molotov’s)

Available with limited ammo. (More available with luck/persuade rolls or no roll required if the players mention having provided a gift to the visiting Sergeant).

Boys Anti-Tank Rifle
Rifle Grenades

Available with a roll (Persuade/fast talk with a +30% bonus if visiting army Sergeant is given a gift such as booze).

2mm Mortar
Bren Gun

Feel free to be generous with any ticks given out. The range is in good form, and there are three brand new targets to shoot at, excellent dummies made to depict the likeness of Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo. When they start to grow tired of the orgy of destroying targets, and taking potshots at the new dummies do the following.

If your players are still using the rifle grenade launcher or got access to the mortar, and someone is going to make a roll for it, try to match a shout of “What the hell!” coming from the Sergeant at the time of the roll. If they have tired of this item, have an NPC ranger doing this. In any case there is a -20 percent chance on this roll, as a result of the distraction. Anything 75 or above will result in something being destroyed that ought to not be. Either fragments of the mortar/grenade whizzing by overhead at the least to the Sergeants transport being hit/damaged, to the projectile going at the group of rangers standing around on anything 95 or above. Dodge/luck to avoid getting hurt in this case.

What has prompted the shout is a balloon slowly drifting across the sky. It appears to be slowly descending. A know roll from the players will identify it as something your rangers have read or heard about but not seen as yet. A Japanese balloon bomb. If the PC’s fail this roll, have the CO or sergeant identify the object.
(Maybe the company has had the luck of having a movie night recently playing perhaps the Boys Rifle training video [a Disney production] and the balloon bomb film).

The CO suspends the training day and lets the Rangers know that orders have been issued by Pacific command that all these balloons must be recovered. Of all those at the training day, the PC’s are those that are selected to go after and attempt to recover the device. If there has been goodwill with the Sergeant and the mortar/grenade did not go into that 75 or above range then the PC’s will be allowed to take any of the available weapons with them. Otherwise they might be restricted to the addition of some grenades to the rifles and Sten guns that the company normally has.

It is very likely that your PC’s might not want to take any of these weapons along with them. For example, the Boy’s rifle weighs 39 pounds, and the PIAT is 32 pounds without any of the 3 pound rounds. If they managed to get the Bren gun that is 25 pounds, and even the lightweight mortar is 11 pounds with each round coming in at another 2 pounds apiece. Your typical murder hobo group might want to bring them along irregardless so exhaustion can be a factor in the pursuit of the balloon. The firepower added might help with the elimination of the threat when they encounter the balloon and the monster.

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