Myth/Ritual by Naps

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Myth/Ritual by Naps

Post by Naps » Tue Jun 24, 2014 7:47 am

Fhtagn, y'all
New to the show. Great work all around. Great resource. (I've been digesting them at a rate not likely to be recommended by any sane physician. Bloating nicely. Dreamin' weirdly.)
So I figure I'll make my first post one with a high potential embarrass-factor. Here's some micro myths/rituals/suggestions thereof.


The fumes come out of you. There is a line to the sun, it’s gravity will not bend it. Lines. There are many children. The person behind you will secure your shoulders and head. Brace. The jaw comes off. We continue to hear the sound of far off construction. A ladder and a boy. Some burning. And since there is now only failure, there is now only distance. We are making two of everything, here. Now, the woman will take her tarred hand and force it into your mouth, down and down, where the tar will resolve back to fume and nest in your lung. It is important that we be in bad health. The one-handed woman is the sign. She has kind eyes. We must step on the glass. Land that has been vacated must remain vacant, though you may set fumes there. The fumes that come out of you. More lines are being discovered. We all pulse at the same rate as the beacon. It is becoming harder to breath. The beacon is getting faster. Pray to be one-handed. The wind is getting louder. We enter the lung through the back of the chest. This is the way. The fume resolves into the tar on the hand. If not to lose a hand then lengthen an arm so that it might touch the ground. Cloth shields. We brand their throats when the young come of age. Their voices change to be more like the wind. The strength of our iron is proportional to that of our will. We hold on high those who, having folded in upon themselves, can no longer walk. Pass fumes into them. The jaw comes off. Force your tarred hand. There will soon be a line-book of planets, so that we can stand in relation to them. Numberless arms will enter the body. Numberless bodies, will the arm enter.
You shall not care for the young. We have our ceremony, and the ritual of the fumes.


We are waiting for the Bell Tone to pass beneath the Threshold, so that we might begin. We have learned to stand by the Arch, and to hear the Tone in our fingers, there. Our new science is being born this way. From patience. At the base of the Arch, water is seeping up through the ground. We consider the relationship between the Bell and the Tone. We must maintain our vigil. The Arch grows roots, and from those roots a new Bell will come, deep below. This we know. The New Bell will not be able to ring. The Arch accepts the Bell. We do not want to leave before the Tone passes below the Threshold. The Threshold shall not be raised, nor the Bell’s vibrations tamped down. Our feet peel and rot. The willful voiding of hearing increases. If a balance can not be maintained, we approach that balance. A volunteer. So that they are still touched by the Tone and by the shadow of the Bell, we do not bury the dead. The infant mortality rate increases. We are blessed at the Arch for there our feet peel and rot, and will join the New Bell.
The Threshold shall not be raised, nor the Bell’s vibrations tamped down.


The chambers of the Priests of Bound Suspension and Submergence are made from mud-brick. As are our headpieces. We make the mud-brick with what we take from deepening the wells. The Priests are bound in fine cloth bandages. We take their full weight with the ropes. Aloft, the Priests admonish us. And for each Priest, there is a well. The wells are full with our fluids. They instruct us from the wells. It is always humid. The filth accelerates the decay of their bindings. We do not replace their bindings, we layer more and more. Nothing can be undone, they say. Wear your error. Nor do we replace the rope used to suspend them when it begins to fray, we add more and more. Old rope and new rope. The walls sweat, here. Raise and lower. Raise and lower. Our heads are angled toward the Priests by means of weights attached to our headpieces. A gentle weight for the submerged Priest; more for the aloft. We feed the Priests continuously, so that through their weight, we might better understand them. Our task, our lessons, grow with them. When the bindings of a Priest of Bound Suspension and Submergence have risen above eye level, the Priest is lowered into their well, where they instruct us until their passing. The well is deepend to accommodate the body. The Priest and our fluids, together. We make the mud-brick and our headpieces with what we dredge from the wells. We expand the House.

Big fan of the podcast, you dudes have put me onto a bunch of sweet stuff, so thanks. keep it up.

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Re: Myth/Ritual by Naps

Post by Keeper Jon » Tue Jun 24, 2014 1:56 pm

Welcome Naps!

Wow. Very cool first post. Strange and eerie. I love it. And it gives me ideas... hmm... thank you very much. :fhtagn:

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