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A scenic challenge for an artist.

Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2014 1:47 pm
by Graham
Found via Wikipedia
On it they accidentally turned on a box of lucifer matches; in a moment one was ignited, the glowing light revealed a candle; it was lit and before the astonished gaze of these men exposed a scene that appeared to be rather one of enchantment than reality. Upon a massive table was a metal teapot, glistening as if new, also a large volume of Scott's family Bible, together with glasses and decanters filled with choice liquors. Near by was Captain Kellett’s chair, a piece of massive furniture, over which had been thrown, as if to protect this seat from vulgar occupation, the royal flag of Great Britain. There was also another object of especial attention, a stove, either of brass or bronze, of peculiar construction, which at the time it was first seen by our tars was shinning with burnished brilliancy.
From: (An account of the finding of the HMS Resolute after it was abandoned in the Arctic.)

I lack the artistic still to render this, but, it would make for a great prop for a Gaslight campaign