Chcago Promotional film from the post WW2 - pre 50's era

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Chcago Promotional film from the post WW2 - pre 50's era

Post by Graham » Mon Dec 29, 2014 4:59 pm

I spotted this story while browsing online:
At a recent estate sale on the south side of Chicago, Jeff Altman spotted a canister of film simply labeled "Chicago" and "Print 1." That tidbit of information was intriguing enough for Altman to drop $40 on the print.

Altman, who works in film post-production, took two weeks to inspect and fix minor issues before scanning and turning it into a digital video. ... olor/8676/

The video which is watchable on Vimeo (direct link below) seems to be a 'Chamber of Commerce' type promotional piece commissioned by the Chicago Board of Education. It appears to have been made somewhere between 1945 and 1946 based on the fact that the narrator was died in September of 1946.

Aside from being a look into the past, I'm sure that an enterprising soul could use this as inspiration for a 'Chamber of Commerce' type film for Arkham, the making of which could be the basis for an adventure.

Chicago - A Film from the Chicago Board Of Education (circa 1940's)
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