Dozier School for Boys

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Dozier School for Boys

Post by BoscoBoy » Mon Nov 11, 2013 2:06 am

The Dozier School for Boys was a reform school in the Florida pan handle located in Marianna established in 1900. Until it was finally closed in 2011 it had a reputation for the beatings, rapes, torture, and murders of children incarcerated there.

Although the children were segregated there were no apparent racial overtones to the violence.

In 1929 a facility known as “the White House” was established, one for white and the other for “colored” students. It was in this facility that the horrendous acts were committed.
Although it was well known what was occurring at this facility no steps were taken to end them. During its existence at least 90 children died under mysterious circumstances.

The victims were buried in unmarked graves, making identification and tracking the number of victims difficult.

Was there a cult directing the violence perpetrated upon the unfortunates caught in this trap? Where the souls of these children being harvested to further the obscene objectives of unhuman beings?
No one knows, but it would make one hell of a scenario, for the 20’s, the 50’s, or now.

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