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Trail of Cthulhu/Gumshoe for new people

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2015 11:56 pm
by fox01313
I know there's been some talk in the past on the podcast about Trail of Cthulhu. While I'm rather new to running games online, I'm well familiar with the Gumshoe/Trail of Cthulhu stuff to help show it off to those curious & new to it. Note that these will be rather short sessions plus just going over the rules & characters to discuss that part (so if looking for full session games or a campaign, there might be more in the future but for now this is more for new people).

As I've got a lot on the different Gumshoe setting books, I'd also be happy here or in the short sessions to talk about it if someone is more interested in another setting than Trail (though it's good to get into trail as once you know it, it's easy to dive into the Call of Cthulhu to/from Trail of Cthulhu to give your players something new to play). I do need a little bit of time after posting this to type up some of the stuff like skills & drives that aren't on the Gumshoe tips on Pelgrane Press site for the new players so they won't have to buy anything & have a basic idea on the skills & drives enough to enjoy the session.

Also that Robin Laws (creator of Gumshoe system) noted that recently on the Ken & Robin Talk about Stuff that he is putting together possibly with some help from Ken Hite a slightly different rule tweak to Trail of Cthulhu (written by Ken Hite) where there will be rules set up and scenarios for 1 player & 1 keeper/GM mainly set in the Los Angeles/Noir setting. Not a clue yet on when this will be out as Gumshoe is also hitting an anniversary soon so they might be doing more for it so keep an eye out for it. I mentioned this as until this is out, I can't go with just one player (as the 1 player/1 keeper is a bit of a shift in the rules).

I'll be happy to get together over Skype/Google hangouts for a handful of people per session (guessing 2-5 people at the moment) for this introductory stuff. Just send me a message here unless we've played before & got my contact info already, then we can figure up a good time for a few good hours of Trail of Gumshoe.

Re: Trail of Cthulhu/Gumshoe for new people

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2015 7:22 am
by caddy1071
Heydere! I'd definitely be interested with playing some Gumshoe and playing with you again! :p Please keep me in the loop! :)


Re: Trail of Cthulhu/Gumshoe for new people

Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2015 2:18 pm
by SamS
I would love to play some ToC!!!

Re: Trail of Cthulhu/Gumshoe for new people

Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2015 12:39 pm
by fox01313
Minimum needed is two so I'll let this first run stay still for a few days to see if more show up. As the intro stuff is light & going to be going over rules/characters more, two is manageable with the right pregenerated characters to fill in any holes on skills needed.

I'm in US central time, free most evenings & weekends so game will most likely be in those sections of time. So after a few days more, time to start figuring out good time/date for everyone.

As for what's needed from players learning Gumshoe, paper or notepad for notes & d6. Gumshoe is great on not needing much to play.

Re: Trail of Cthulhu/Gumshoe for new people

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2016 1:05 am
by fox01313
Looks like more people might be needed just to fit with people's schedules for a few hours. Anyone else on the site interested in learning Gumshoe via Skype/Google Hangouts?