I might have a live local group of gamers

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Re: I might have a live local group of gamers

Post by Wordcraftian » Thu Sep 04, 2014 7:28 am

I'm fortunate enough to play the majority of my games in meatspace. There are few things more satisfying than to drop a prop on the table in the middle of your players and watch them examine it with their hands and pass it back and forth among themselves. Tossing that D20 over the screen on a failed SAN roll and feeling the tension in the air as your players anxiously hold their breaths. Dimming the lights and burning a stick of incense for atmosphere. I don't think I could ever Skype it in... it just wouldn't be the same.

It's totally awesome that your work would allow you to use a conference room for gaming! I imagine that will come in quite handy.

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