Ever wondered what the Dreamlands look like in the 21stC?

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Ever wondered what the Dreamlands look like in the 21stC?

Post by Graham » Fri May 05, 2017 4:25 pm

I stumbled across the trailer for a 1999 action movie entitled 'Bridge of Dragons' (I will note that there are no dragons in the film...) and exploring the reviews reveals a bog standard action movie plot (Princess overthrows usurper with aid of a companion...), but what makes this one stand out is the bizarre setting for the film, it is truly "Another time, another place", a land where the ruling family is Asian, the soldiers wear uniforms that strongly resemble 1930/40s style German Army equipment, yet the vehicles seen are all Russian and yet other characters look like escapees from 'A Knights Tale'. This can only be a patch of the 21st C Dreamlands...


Million Money Theater
Well, Bridge of Dragons is actually one of the more deliberately anachronistic films I've seen since Mars Attacks!. The clothes, the vehicles, the hair, everything, are all from a mix of different eras, from the Dark Ages to the present day, and it is fun to try and catch the anachronisms when they appear.

The Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Film Review
The film seems to take place in a monarchy that is set in a quasi-wilderness that could be post-holocaust. Inside the city however, modern Jeeps and Russian helicopters sit alongside vehicles and costumes from the 1930s, while out in the wasteland people live amid ruins and use horseback technology. The evil general’s troops wear the uniforms of World War II German infantry, the leaders of the mythical kingdom are Asian...

Comuppance Reviews
So, to recap, cross Italian post-apocalyptic thrillers, Street Fighter, Shakespeare, and The Graduate, set it in a fairy-tale-like land and load it up with action and stunts and Dolph Lundgren, and there you have it. Does this sound weird? Well, it is somewhat odd, but it’s entertaining and not boring. So that’s important.
http://www.comeuppancereviews.com/2011/ ... -1999.html
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