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Men from Leng question?

Posted: Thu May 31, 2018 6:08 am
by irbaboon
Question for all the anthropologically/zoologically Lovecraft fans.What do you think the culture of the Men from Leng is like?
We know that they built the great city of Saromand but they live in crude stone villages in modern times .
We know that they were conquered and enslaved by the moon beasts.

What do they do when they are not manning ocean vessels & buying human slaves?

How do they feel about the Moon Beasts. Do they worship them or hate them? Would they ever be inclined to overthrow them or escape?

I know that art frequently depicts Leng merchants as looking rather opulent,are they the gentry of Leng? Are there different classes in their society, or is it just off with the disguises and back to their hovels once they get back to Leng