Pulp Media Master List

Lovecraft, any of his circle of friends, and any other horror/weird fiction authors and stories.
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Pulp Media Master List

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As part of our special all-pulp Episode 21, the hosts put together a list of pulp media to inspire and amaze. We're not terribly worried about a perfect definition of Pulp here, there's plenty of overlap and we know it's a fuzzy definition!

Please, contribute your own recommendations in this thread, and we'll slowly build a list for the whole MUP nation. We'll be putting one together a separate media list for Purist in a different thread, so stay tuned...

Books & Stories

Solomon Kane (Chad)
A Princess of Mars (Chad)
Conan (Dan)
Stainless Steel Rat (Dan)
Mall of Cthulhu (Murph)


The Phantom (Dan)
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Dan)
Creepshow (Chad)
Tales from the Crypt (Chad)


The Shadow (Chad)
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (Chad)
Lights Out (Chad)
Suspense (Murph)
Flash Gordon (Chad)
Buck Rogers
Phantom Empire
Hopalong Cassidy
Unsersea Kingdom
The Midnight Hour
Tales From the Crypt


Indiana Jones (Dan)
The Angry Red Planet (Chad)
Hellboy (Dan)
Star Wars (Dan)
Rocketeer (Dan)
Marvel films (Dan)
Incredibles (Dan)
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (Dan)
Big Trouble in Little China (Dan)
Army of Darkness (Dan)
Princess Bride (Dan)
Pirates of the Caribbean (Dan)
King Kong (Dan)
Recent Sherlock Holmes films (Dan)
Flash Gordon (Dan)


Star Trek (Chad)
Buck Rogers (Chad)
Lost in Space (Chad)
Tales of the Gold Monkey (Dan)
Thundarr the Barbarian DVD (Dan)
Hercules and Xena (Dan)
Firefly (Dan)
Tales From the Crypt
Night Gallery (Murph)

Video Games

Bioshock (Chad)
Doom (Dan)
Serious Sam (Chad)

Roleplaying Games

Rocketship Empires 1936
Savage Worlds
D20-based games
FATE System-based games
Keeper of the Cthulhu Dark "Secret Everest Expedition" PbP scenario
Rip Wheeler in the Call of Cthulhu "No Man's Land" scenario
Plays for Keepers

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