Safari Steamer

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Safari Steamer

Post by Whitechapel Jack » Tue Jul 01, 2014 3:16 am

Carter, Pickman and Sons
Fine luggage since 1876

Safari Steamer ($15.00, 55 lbs)
Our new line of wardrobe style steamer trunk designed for the great white hunter. A variation on our popular Imperial Traveler line it sacrifices none of our high quality while providing a rugged build suitable for roughing it in the bush.
Designed to stand on end when open the left hand side where one usually puts hanging clothes is instead a gun rack designed to hold 5 long guns snugly for travel. On the right hand side is five drawers with inserts for handguns and room for a modest amount of ammunition and other equipment. The deluxe models include a light workbench, ignore the resemblance to our cedar ironing board in the Imperial Traveler model.
High quality bronze hinges and hardware including and a high quality Wessex lock with 3 keys.

Road Scholar Model ($15.00, 60lbs)
In response to overwhelming support of our custom Safari Steamer we have been inundated with requests by the more scholarly traveler for an office on the go. Our designers have been working tirelessly around the clock and we are proud to introduce the Road Professor!
On the left hand side we have installed a system of adjustable shelves for your reading and reference libraries to travel with you. The books are held in place by a mobile bookend which fits into pre-drilled holes along each shelf and secured by a dowel that mounts across the front of each shelf and canvas flap that securely snaps in place. The right hand side has an assortment of drawers and compartments for various common writing supplies. We can even accommodate the two most common portable typewriters if requested.
We include as a bonus our folding writing desk, ignore the resemblance to our cedar ironing board in the Imperial Traveler model.
As with all our steamers the Road Scholar is water resistant and will keep all your favorite volumes neat and dry on long voyages.
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Re: Safari Steamer

Post by Keeper Dan » Mon Jul 21, 2014 5:03 pm

This is awesome. :yay:
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