Vlah! Vlah! Vampires!

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Dr. Gerard
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Vlah! Vlah! Vampires!

Post by Dr. Gerard » Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:59 pm

Hey MUP Nation, have you ever used classic vampires in your games, or maybe mixed vampire mythology with mythos? Did it work well? Do you think gothic-style vampires fit well in a mythos world, or do you prefer that the two be kept separate?

It's possible this topic will come up on a future show....
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Re: Vlah! Vlah! Vampires!

Post by fox01313 » Sat May 30, 2015 3:27 pm

I'm fine with putting them in as long as the game doesn't turn into Nights Black Agents. With the foolish investigators diving into all kinds of the occult & mythos, putting this in every now & then is fun. Plus they did a lot with both the standard versions with Blood Brothers (maybe also some in the Halloween collections) and to go into Trail of Cthulhu, Shadows over Filmland. With Blood Brothers 1 especially, Chaosium took their mystery & horror scenarios to a variety of sub-genres or particular monsters in the horror movie industry. With Shadows over Filmland, Ken Hite took the classic Universal monsters & did a mythos spin on them in a gothic backlot type of setting similar to what you see in the Hammer Studios films with their horror being in a nebulous European setting.

Also as the Pagan Publishing book Bumps in the Night prove, when running games we need to not just do mythos or just traditional folklore or just character/background themed games ALL the time. Mix it up as there's a lot of strange out there then mixing it with the character themed scenarios, the options are pretty endless from this side.
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