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Colo Colo

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:44 pm
by Tore
A creature based on folklore. I'm not sure how mythos-y it is.

Colo Colo

The Colo Colo is a creature like a large rat coated with greasy gray feathers in place of fur. Its eyes are black and matted, and its mouth is round with bone ridges instead of teeth. It makes a sound that is uncannily like that of a crying baby. It is most commonly found in Chile.

The colo colo will enter a home quietly, and will proceed to suck the blood from the inhabitants while they sleep, and at the same time inject its own saliva into their bloodstreams. This induces a light kalopsia in the victim (the delusion or hallucination that things are more beautiful or 'right' than they really are). The effect is cumulative, and victims will likely have a very skewed view of reality about a week in.

The inhabitants of the house will become physically weak, but will also become increasingly euphoric. That, along with a smell of carrion with no apparent source, are the surest signs of colo colo predations.

The creature will sometimes kill off any infants in the household and take their place. As the parents become weaker and more delusional they will often accept the colo colo as a replacement for their departed child. Parents have defended their 'child' against well-meaning investigators, and have died smiling from blood loss, nursing the monster.

Some sorcerers will know wards and rituals which repel the colo colo. Others may know dark magicks which enable them to curse a household with the colo colo's attentions.

Str: 60 Con: 120 Siz: 30 Dex: 80 Int: 30 Pow: 90
HP: 15 DB: -1 MP: 8 Move: 9 Build: 0
Attacks: 2
Bite 50% (25/10) Damage: 1d3+poison
Dodge: 40% (20/8)

Armor: None. The colo colo does not fight unless it is out of options.

Special: The poison is resisted with POW rather than CON. A roll equal to 1/5 POW means that the character is immune, or if it not the first roll, that the effect takes a step back. The poison gradually builds up in the system in this way:

1 failed roll: The feeling that things are good is minor, and the character still functions normally, apart from a feeling of things being right (and a lack of concern for any pesky bites).
2 failed rolls: Nothing is revolting or wrong. The character has a feeling that things are under control and the situation is basically normal as it is.
3+ failed rolls: Things have never been better. The colo colo is a part of the family, and the character will defend it like it was their own child.

Note that this isn't mind control. The affected person is simply in a chemically induced state which changes their perception of the situation they are in.

SAN loss: 0/1d4


Re: Colo Colo

Posted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 4:12 pm
by Dr. Gerard
I love this thing so much. Please, Colo Colo, please come to my house and fill my veins with your spit. Tell me it will all be ok. Fill me with your rat-spitty lies.

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Re: Colo Colo

Posted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 5:21 pm
by Tore
There's a scenario there. A cult which uses colo colo-.secretions as a reward? Like the Old Man of the Mountain and his assassins. :geek: