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We're born, go to school, get a job, and die. Sometimes the monotony is broken by going mad somewhere in between. Rules, ideas, examples... All are welcome here.
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Keeper Dan
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Daemon Sultan
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Share Your Characters Here

Post by Keeper Dan » Mon Apr 07, 2014 12:26 am

Here in the SYCH thread, everyone is welcome to share character info. It can be stats, histories, gear lists, whatever.
By posting here, you confirm that you're putting this info in the public, and therefor won't be surprised to see the character used in other places, in whole or part. The while idea is to share cool character ideas and and concepts for others in the Call of Cthulhu community.
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Re: Share Your Characters Here

Post by Whitechapel Jack » Tue May 20, 2014 4:08 pm

There are about a page and a half of notes I can't find on his first and only adventure as an investigator but I had a lot of fun playing him and if anyone can make use of him that would be great.

Call of Cthulhu

Name: Chase Johnson Occupation: Cowboy Str: 17 Dex: 14 Int: 13 Idea: 65
Sex: M Age: 30 Nationality: American Con: 18 Cha: 16 Pow: 14 Luck: 70
Home: Deerfield Tx Siz: 16 San: 70 Edu: 14 Know: 70
Schools: Miskitonic Degree: None Dam Bonus: 1d6

Sanity Point: 70 Magic Point: 14 Hit Point: 17

Accounting(10): Anthro(01): Archaeology(01):
Art (05): Art (05): Art (05):
Astronomy (01): Bargain(05): Biology(01):
Chem(01): Climb(40): Conceal(15):
Cred Rate(15): 20 Cthulhu(00): Dodge(Dex. x2): 58
Drive(20): 30 Elect Rep.(10): 15 Fast Talk(05):
1st Aid(30): 35 Geology(01): Hide(10):
Hist(20): Jump(25): Law(05):
Library(25): Listen(25): Locksmith(01):
Martial Art(01): Mech Rep.(20): 50 Medicine(05):
Natural Hist(10): 25 Navigate(10): Occult(05):
Op. Hvy. Equip(01): Persuade(15): Pharmacy(01):
Photo(10): Physics(01): Pilot(01):Plane- 41
Psychoana(01): Psychology(05): Ride(05): 85
Sneak(10): Spot Hidden(25): 50 Swim(25):
Throw(25): 45 Track(10): 40 Own Lang(Edu x5):English- 70
Other Lang(01):

Handgun(20): 85 Machine Gun(15): Rifle(25): 50
Shotgun(30): SMG(15): 40

Weapon Attack% Damage Impale Parry% HP Ammo RoF Malf Note
Punch(50) 65 1d3+1d6
Head Butt(10) 1d4+1d6
Kick(25) 1d6+1d6
Knife 55 1d4+2+1d6
Peacemaker 1d10+2 10 6 1 00 Fanning- get 3 shots unaimed.
Hotload 1d10+4
Henry Rifle 1d8/1d6+3 8 10 1 98

Spells Pow San

Income: Cash on Hand: Savings:
Real Estate:

Entities Encountered Mythos Tomes Read
Cathonian: 1

Binoculars Compass
Pocket Knife Wrist Watch
Playing Card Straight Razor
Matches Bedroll
Tool Kits

Chase grew up on a small ranch in the Texas panhandle, his grandfather taught him to track and ride and all the things a country boy needed to know. He was an adventurous kid and always in trouble, he spent many a night in jail for fighting – he rarely started the fight but often finished it.
Chase was an Army Sgt during the war spending most of his time there on the front line until the last 8 months of the war when he was transferred to the air corps and learned to fly a plane, never made fighter pilot though.
When he came home he found his grandfather had died and the ranch had been foreclosed on by the bank. He headed east, a chance to get some schoolin at Miskatonic University but college wasn’t for him and now he is makin a living as a handyman.

Whitechapel Jack
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Re: Share Your Characters Here

Post by Whitechapel Jack » Tue May 20, 2014 4:09 pm

That was easier to read when I entered it.... hope you can make it out....

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Re: Share Your Characters Here

Post by Keeper Jon » Tue May 20, 2014 4:20 pm

Hi WC Jack,

Not sure what happened with the formatting. Weird. But, I love the character's background. Thanks for sharing!

I would love to see more character shared here too. It could become a fantastic resource for Keepers to mine for quick pre-gen characters or handy NPCs for their home games.

Whitechapel Jack
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Re: Share Your Characters Here

Post by Whitechapel Jack » Fri May 23, 2014 11:26 pm

We had a Keeper once who wanted to run a game where a group of monsters had teamed up because they liked this world like it was and were not on-board with the Mythos driven villains. In part it was because the Keeper he played with before was super lethal and he wanted us to have characters that could last a while and would have a new perspective on stopping the Mythos. In truth it was a fun game, we were not good guys but we were better than the alternative and most of us wanted to try and fit in to human society at least on the surface..... The roll playing was good and these guys could make interesting Investigators or allies you are not quite sure of... or the villains. This was my character.... I have the other 3 around here somewhere and will try and put them up when I find them.

Call of Cthulhu

Name: Victor VonList Occupation: Prof. ........... Str: 34 Dex: 12 Int: 15 Idea: 75
Sex: M Age: 80 Nationality: Hungarian...........Con: 18 App: 13 Pow: 18 Luck: 90
Home: Rosewood Manor .................................... Siz: 17 San: 90 Edu: 25 Know: 100
Schools: Oxford......... Degree: Psychology ............... Dam Bonus: +2d6

Sanity Point: 26 Magic Point: 18 Hit Point: 18

Accounting(10): 15 Anthro(00): 10 Archaeology(00): 05
Art Painting (05): 10 Art (05): Art (05):
Astronomy (00): 05 Bargain(05): Biology(00): 05
Chem(00): 10 Climb(40): Conceal(15):
Cred Rate(15): 80 Cthulhu(00): Dodge(Dex. x2): 64
Drive(20): Elect Rep.(10): Fast Talk(05):
1st Aid(30): Geology(00): Hide(10): 40
Hist(20): Jump(25): Law(05):
Library(25): Listen(25): 60 Locksmith(00):
Martial Art(00): Mech Rep.(20): Medicine(05):
Natural Hist(10): Navigate(10): Occult(05): 60
Op. Hvy. Equip(00): Persuade(15): 70 Pharmacy(00): 03
Photo(10): Physics(00): Pilot(00):
Psychoana(00): 50 Psychology(05): 60 Ride(05): 40
Sneak(10): 80 Spot Hidden(25): 70 Swim(25):
Throw(25): Track(10): Own Lang(Edu x5): 99
English(00): 45 Latin(00): 30 French(00): 05
Scent Blood: 75

Handgun(20): 50 Machine Gun(15): Rifle(25):
Shotgun(30): SMG(15): 30

Weapon Attack% Damage Impale Parry% HP Ammo Note
Punch(50) 60
Head Butt(10)
Grapple(25) 40
Claw 80
Bite 60
Rapier 60 3d6+1
Colt .45 50 1d10+2 8 7+1
Tommygun 30 1d10+2 (B) 8 30/50

Spells Pow San

Mv: +2

Gaze: Pow vs Pow. If vampire succeeds the victim is hypnotized and can be made to follow simple commands or make or remove memories. If the command is self destructive or the memory to traumatic or outlandish victim can make a Int x5 to snap out of it..... Basic hypnotism stuff.

Claws: MP vs MP. If vampire is successful it drains 1d3 MP which he gains for his Pow in hours.

Bite: After initial hit maintaining the bite stifles any resistance and drains 1d6 Str (blood) from victim.

Regenerates: Once hp are exceeded he turns to mist and finds a place to recover. (Our Keeper allowed him to have Con in (blood) which would be spent to regenerate damage (hp) as soon as it occurred, if he had enough to reach 1 hp after being hurt then he came back next night, otherwise he was out of fight as long as it would take a player to normally heal back to 1 hp to wake up instead of normal regeneration. At 0 pts in blood pool he will go berserk and attacks and kill the first victim he finds for blood (Luck Roll to stop if its someone he knows)
If reach exactly 0hp the vampire can't turn to mist and be destroyed if the attacker knows how. It has to heal 1 hp naturally before its regeneration will kick in.

Wolf: He can assume the form of a huge wolf retains all his stats except Mv which changes to 14.

Bat: Str 10, Siz 5, Mv 3 / 14 fly

Mist: Mv 1.

Casts no reflection.

Does not need to sleep in his native soil..... doesn't know why Dracula and the Brides did?

Three bites from a vampire on same victim will change them into a vampire.

Crosses will repel him in a Pow vs Pow.

Income: 7500/yr Cash on Hand: 750 Savings: 37000
Real Estate: Rosewood Manor: Arkham, Corrbit House: Arkham, Farm near Innsmouth

Entities Encountered Mythos Tomes Read
Vampire: NA
Werewolf: NA
Serpent Man NA
Ghoul: <6>
Ghost: <8>

A complete wardrobe of fancy dress, academic and casual cloths.
A collection of walking sticks, sword canes ect....
Pocket knife
Cigarette Case (Silver)
Gold Money Clip
Gold Pocket Watch
Pad and pencil

Mercedes SSK

DoB: 03/16/1840 RIP: 10/31/1870 Apparent Age: 30 Actual Age: 86
Ht: 603 Wt: 210 Hair: Blonde (almost white) Eyes: Blue (Glow red)
Nationality: Alterdorf, Hungary

Victor is the youngest son of an overindulgent minor member of the Austrian aristocracy. A spoiled noble he spent several years at Oxford not really applying himself spending most of his time wasting his mothers fortune drinking and gambling with his friends.
At his thirtieth birthday ball he attracted the attention of an exotic and mysterious beauty named Jacasta, a bored and rebellious bride to Dracula. In an act of defiance she transformed him to be her toy in the long night. At least until Dracula discovered him and destroyed him.
She took Victor to Transylvania, to her masters castle and hid him in a ruined corner of the keep where she starved and alternately neglected and abused him for nearly 20 years. Victor was no more than a ghost haunting the halls, beneath the masters notice, sometimes praying for salvation others praying for his destruction. He watched the horrific game between Dracula and his wives and the callousness they showed humanity, to them humans were no more than food and disposable game pieces.
When Dracula went to England in 1893 Victor fas forgotten by his mistress who had created him only to anger Dracula and his indifference to Victors existance had only made her resentful of him. Left on his own he met a young gypsy cursed with lycanthropy and befriended the boy.
Pity moved him to show Harker a way out of the castle despite his hunger. And when vanHelsing came to slay the brides and Dracula was embattled in the castle courtyard a lone gypsy boy slipped Victor out through a secret gate in the rear of the castle, vanHelsing watched from above but feared facing a second vampire now that the sun had set. Victor for his part had no interest in helping Dracula or his brides or harming the mortals.
Victor does not want to be a monster and feels guilty when his darker inclinations slip out (He still has some San and wants to keep it.). He has embraced the study of psychology as a means of self treatment, he has studied at Paris and Oxford, not perfect by any means but he clings to a sliver of humanity.
Moving to America after the war he has taken a position as a Professor of Psychology at Miskatonic University. Using his power of suggestion and a few documents salvaged and altered a little to become Dr Victor List, the university president is convinced he personally checked all the credentials and everything is in order.
Victor confines his feeding to those he believes evil or hopelessly insane, he studies the effect of the moon on the insane at Arkham Sanitarium - their mad ravings of a specter feeding on them at night is easily dismissed as a shared lunacy they convince each other of.
Victor has encountered something of the Mythos and while he is hardly more than a monster playing at being a man he definitely prefers this to the idea of the return of the Great Old Ones. His goodness may be questionable he is an enemy to the Mythos which makes him something of an ally to the Investigators. Tries to use normal weapons where he can to maintain the appearance of normal.

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Re: Share Your Characters Here

Post by Whitechapel Jack » Thu Jul 24, 2014 6:23 am

Investigator Name ___Han Sung Woo_________________________
Occupation ___Stage magician/Mystic/PI/Conman____________________________________
Colleges, Degrees _____________________________
Birthplace ___Chinatown-San Francisco________________________________
Mental Disorders ________________________________
Sex __Male_______________________ Age_______30________________
Characteristics & Rolls
STR _15____ DEX__15____ INT__13_____ Idea___65______
CON_14____ APP _14____ POW _18___ Luck ____90_____
SIZ__15____ SAN__90___ EDU _19___ Know __95____
99-Cthulhu Mythos __99______ Damage Bonus ___1d4______________
Sanity Points
Insane 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48
49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65
66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82
83 84 85 86 87 88 89 (90) 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
Magic Points
Unconscious 0 1 2 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 16 17 (18) 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35
36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43
Hit Points
Dead -2 -1 0 1 2 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 (15) 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35
36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43
Investigator Skills
o Accounting (10%) ______ o Law (05%) __10____
o Anthropology (01%) ______ o Library Use (25%) __40____
o Archaeology (01%) ______ o Listen (25%) ______
Art (05%): o Locksmith (01%) __11____
o Stage Magic____________ __60____ o Martial Arts (01%) __50____
o _Chinese Calligraphy_____ __10____ o Mech. Repair (20%) __30____
o Astronomy (01%) _35_____ o Medicine (05%) ______
o Bargain (05%) __10____ o Natural History (10%) ______
o Biology (01%) ______ o Navigate (10%) ______
o Chemistry (01%) ___6___ o Occult (05%) __40____
o Climb (40%) ______ o Opr. Hvy. Mch. (01%) ______ o Sneak (10%) __20____
o Conceal (15%) __60____ Other Language (01%): o Spot Hidden (25%) _35____
Craft (05%): o _English_____________ __55__ o Swim (25%) ______
o _Stage Props_________ _40_____ o _French_____________ __10__ o Throw (25%) _55_____
o ________________ ______ o ________________ ______ o Track (10%) ______
o Credit Rating (15%) __30____ Own Language (EDUx5%): o ________________ ______
Cthulhu Mythos (00) ______ o _Cantonese_________ __95___ o ________________ ______
o Disguise (01%) _40___ o Persuade (15%) __45____ o ________________ ______
o Dodge (DEX x2%) _30_____ o Pharmacy (01%) ______ o ________________ ______
o Drive Auto (20%) _30___ o Photography (10%) ______ o ________________ ______
o Electr. Repair (10%) ______ o Physics (01%) ______ o _Club___________ _45___
o Fast Talk (05%) _55_____ o Pilot (01%): Firearms
o First Aid (30%) ______ o ________________ ______ o Handgun (20%) __30____
o Geology (01%) ______ o ________________ ______ o Machine Gun (15%) ______
o Hide (10%) ______ o Psychoanalysis (01%) ______ o Rifle (25%) ______
o History (20%) ______ o Psychology (05%) _40___ o Shotgun (30%) ______
o Jump (25%) ______ o Ride (05%) ______ o SMG (15%) ______

melee % damage hnd rng #att hp
o Fist (50%) __70__ 1D3+db 1 touch 1 n/a
o Grapple (25%) _60_ special 2 touch 1 n/a
o Head (10%) ____ 1D4+db 0 touch 1 n/a
o Kick (25%) _40___ 1D6+db 0 touch 1 n/a
o walking Stick_45_ _1d6+db_ ____ _____ ____ ____
o _Knife________ ____ _________ ____ _____ ____ ____
firearm % damage malf rng #att shots hp
o _.38________ _30___ __1d10_______ _15___ __2___ _6___ ____ ___
o _________ ____ _________ ____ _____ ____ ____ ___
o _________ ____ _________ ____ _____ ____ ____ ___
o _________ ____ _________ ____ _____ ____ ____ ___
o _________ ____ _________ ____ _____ ____ ____ ___
o _________ ____ _________ ____ _____ ____ ____ ___

Han Sung Woo

Handsome Woo
The Amazing Professor Woo
Doctor Sung Ming
Charlie Han

Woo was born and raised in San Francisco’s Chinatown. His father had been a Tao Monk in the Hunan Province forced to flee to America to work on the rail road and his mother who was a dance hall girl until they got married and bought a small restaurant. Woo was the 6th son and youngest of 9 children faced with no prospect of an inheritance and having no wish to be a waiter the rest of his life he ran away when he was a mere lad of 13 to join a traveling circus as a roustabout.
The other roustabouts would deliberately mis-pronounce his name to try and get a rise from him. This lasted until it became obvious he was able to take care of himself and the ladies of the circus took to calling him ‘Handsome Woo’ because he was quite good looking.
He had a knack for stage magic and fortune telling. He eventually became the assistant to both ‘The Incredible Oliver’ and ‘Madam Zorba’ eventually becoming good enough to leave the circus and start his own act as ‘The Amazing Professor Woo’. He still does the odd command performance.....
Left the circus to become a Chinese Mystic to the rich Doctor Sung Ming, more money in the astrologer-medium line for an exotic Chinese mystic.....
Got a PI license to help make ends meet Charlie Woo. About the only Chinese PI in town which is handy when customers feel cheated and come looking for him.
In general he is a good natured and not heartless conman always looking for a score......

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Re: Share Your Characters Here

Post by Whitechapel Jack » Fri Jul 25, 2014 3:49 am

Nice to know someone is looking at these.....
LOL this is my favorite unplayed character..... I think he would be so cool to play sometime.... We had plans for a game that the keeper wanted us to have a couple of stage magicians and I just couldnt resist going overboard when I saw them stat rolls...

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Re: Share Your Characters Here

Post by MultiPurposeBlue » Thu Apr 16, 2015 4:32 pm

I lost his character sheet, but my favorite character to date was former President William Howard Taft. Mr. Taft had lower intelligence then most and often caused the party to get into situations they really didn't want to get into. Because I don't have his character sheet all I can really talk about is his back story. Taft's wife was murdered by werewolves and this brought him into the world of The Mythos. He now travels around the globe trying to find and kill supernatural creatures. Taft is never seen without his his modified pump action shot gun dubbed "The Constitution" and his comically large knife. He also had a crippling fear of bathtubs and would not go into bathrooms alone. One of our recurring villains was Corbitt, from The Haunting. We tracked him down to a small town in New York. It was winter at the time and Taft decided to build a few dozen snowmen outside the hotel in order to "protect us". Taft also claimed that he has mated with the snowmen and has created a new race, called Snow Men. Essentially he was comic relief, but I can't think of The Haunting without thinking about Taft ripping the doors off of the Corbitt Manor.

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