MU Podcast 041 - Ignorance Is Bliss

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Re: MU Podcast 041 - Ignorance Is Bliss

Post by Dr. Gerard » Thu Nov 14, 2013 2:20 pm

fox01313 wrote:Paper Chase (solo adventure with one person & looks like fun and would love to run it after getting run through it first)*

Paper Chase was the very first Call of Cthulhu scenario I played in, and I loved it. Most of my experience prior to that had been with systems built on power fantasy, so this one blew my mind as I began to see the possibilities of a narrative for which there really is no obvious victory. That's not a spoiler, since many CoC scenarios follow this model. Playing it set a tone for my entry to the game that I treasure. Frankly, I'm glad I played this one before The Haunting, which has more of a dungeon-crawl feel and is touted as a good introductory scenario for players who are used to playing Murder Hobos and Superheroes. I'm not so sure. I'm quite wary of solo scenarios in general, but my experience with The Paper Chase keeps me from ruling out the idea completely.
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Re: MU Podcast 041 - Ignorance Is Bliss

Post by trevlix » Fri Nov 15, 2013 12:40 pm

Dr. Gerard wrote:I'm quite wary of solo scenarios in general,

I'm curious, why? I've never played in one so I'm curious on your experience with them.
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