MUP 134 - Nerdgasms & Mythosy Pulp Gizmos

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Keeper Dan
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MUP 134 - Nerdgasms & Mythosy Pulp Gizmos

Post by Keeper Dan » Mon Oct 30, 2017 2:05 am

In this episode, Jon, Chad, and Dan stay in the realm of Pulp Cthulhu with a little brainstorming on machinery that could be created by Mythos entities for PCs to then get their grubby little hands on. And Chad has a complete fangasm while recording. It's pretty great. This episode was recorded on October 23, 2017.

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(Chad) In Episode 132, I mentioned - barely mentioned - that I was a guest on Legends of Tabletop during their NecronomiCon recap. I failed to mention any other guests and I want to do that now: (Travel blog) (episode)

John Haremza, one of the regular hosts.

Leah Bond, regular host on LoT

Jesse from the Dragon Fisters podcast

Jef Wilkins from Into the Darkness

Ash Darrow: Gothic studies graduate student and NCon panelist

Brett Miller, Musician and composer

Peter Rawlik, weird fiction author

Also, they just dropped an episode with Niels Hobbs where they talk about a lot of topics including the two big controversies in 2017 and 2015.

Also, the panel we were on with the Legends guys about gaming is now posted. While we’re at it, let’s post a round up of all the gaming panels we can find from the Good Friends feed and others here in the show notes!

Good Friends of Jackson Elias recorded panels:

Call of Cthulhu Campaigns Panel

Pulp vs. Pure Panel - with Keeper Dan!

Favorite Call of Cthulhu Scenarios Panel - with Keeper Chad!

(Jon) AetherCon VI - November 10-12, this is an online RPG convention. The convention features a number of live panels that fans can attend via YouTube. I'm hosting two panels and running one game at the con. If anyone wants to try out the Yellow King RPG, my table is currently wide open. No one has signed up for it as of this recording. My game is scheduled for Saturday the 11th starting at midnight US Central Time.

Panel: Dem Dry Bones

Panel: Balancing Magic & Technology

Game: Yellow King RPG - Dark Alley Deals

IGN has purchased Humble Bundle.
Humble Bundle last month announced that it had raised a total of $100 million for charity since the first Humble Bundle went on sale in 2010.

Cthulhu Dark - Update 25 - If you check your BackerKit account, you'll find As Good As A Feast, Mo Holkar's wonderful mystery set in the 1930s Dust Bowl, which we unlocked as a stretch goal. I think you'll enjoy it.

From Edwin: Nov. 17 starting at 6 PM EST and running live for 24 hours on
Our goal is to raise $5000 for Edwin Nagy will be running Rappan Athuk and some material from Kobold Press for a Bangor, Maine-based group of gamers. The event is being sponsored by Frog God Games and Kobold Press, and they will have prizes available during the entire affair. In addition, audience donations will control the game and allow the PCs to level up. New monsters can be added, plots can be twisted, health can be restored, all for the asking (and the giving). At midnight, Sean Murphy will run a scenario from Down Darker Trails sponsored by Chaosium and the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society. Fabulous CoC-related prizes from them will be available to people who donate during the game. The crew will be on the chat the entire night. Please help them make it through the night with your donations and chatter. All this gaming goodness is in support of Extra Life, which gives the money directly to hospitals in the Children's Miracle Network. That’s right—playing games to help save children’s lives. The New England Gamers team page is at or search at Extra Life for Team NEG

D20 CoC now available on RPG NOW

Halloween Sale on Spectrum Games stuff (Macabre Tales, Stories from the Grave and Slasher Flick) - PDFs for crazy cheap:

io9- All-Time Masterpiece RPG Call of Cthulhu Will Never Die

The 'Necronomnomnom' Is a Horrific, Lovecraft-Inspired Cookbook

Food and Wine's article

Bloody Disgusting- Someone Made a Necronomicon Pop Up Book and It’s Amazing

Order it here!

Card Catalog

A Deep Background Item for the Card Catalog
Hi Guys,

I stumbled across a site that contains a lot of background information on hand tools (wrenches, pliers, etc), who made them, when and under what brand names. One of the highlights is a three part look into the various house brands used by Sears and Roebuck (Craftsman, Cross Country, Dunlap Fulton (Also known as Fulton Tool Co.) & Merit) for their hand tool lines and who supplied those tools.0

This looks to be a good resource for deep background information. Reading through the site brought up one case of a tool company (S-K Tools) selling the same products under two different names, their own brand name and a 'pseudo-brand' (Brazil Tools) that individual retailers (Most likely auto parts shops.) could claim was their house brand.

One idea that did spring to mind from all this would be the idea of someone offering hand tools from a new manufacturer that was in some way, shape or form tainted by the Mythos.


Listener feedback-
Voicemail from John Sullivan. (Transcription by Google Voice)
This is John Sullivan. This is a message for keeper chat. I just wanted to say I listen to the pantech renada con panel that you were on and I wanted to say thank you very much for picking paper chase. I was deeply honored that you enjoyed it so much, and so did the rest of the panel apparently it's really been inspiring encouraging for me as well. I'm trying to get back into gaming writing as well as doing some other stuff and miss cotati university podcast as that episode. I do not miss so thanks again, and thanks to everybody else for the podcast and go pods.

Pulp Monster Tech!

Jon- Elder Things - Exsiccate Ray & Glob Stick

RPF thread of someone building the Dehydrator from Batman

Chad- Formless Spawn of Tsoggua - formless spawn infused with 1930s Dust Bowl farm equipment

The Phantom Empire (Gene Autry fighting subterranians!)

The HPLHS Mum-E-Duster

Giant machines fighting with meat tied to them!

Dan- Serpent People - Drill Tank

Elon Musk's The Boring Company

Article about the company

Here are links to the fantastic BRP Gold Book with many more psychic powers-

Print Edition
PDF Edition
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Re: MUP 134 - Nerdgasms & Mythosy Pulp Gizmos

Post by Danial79 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:02 am

Haven’t quite finished listening to the episode yet, but I just wanted to quickly mention the GLOO Cannon from the video game Prey in regards to the Glob Stick. it’s also very much inspired by The Incredibles.

Really love all these ideas, but the one I really gravitated to was the domesticated Chthonian being used to “drill”. I’m sure it violates some form of mythos “human rights” however as they’re considered intelligent, sentient creatures (INT 90). I suppose it could provide a nice moral quandary for the Investigators. Perhaps the Chthonian would ally itself with them if freed.

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Graduate Student
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Re: MUP 134 - Nerdgasms & Mythosy Pulp Gizmos

Post by Graham » Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:45 am

Greetings from the Librarian, I am happy to except the the honor(?)...

And your comments on the website, I know of several actual cases where toolmarks were used to identify criminals, in one case in Canada someone used a rotary saw to chop up his victims before encasing them in concrete and dumping them in a river. The marks on the remains when found led right to the killer as in this case the model of rotary saw he'd used was uncommon in Canada.

But it's exactly the kind of deep background a keeper needs, if it's not needed for a particular scenario, then it stays in the background, but if it becomes important, say the Investigators are trying to figure out where someone came from and the tools in his shed came from a particular retailer who only operated in one part of the country, then out it comes.
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Re: MUP 134 - Nerdgasms & Mythosy Pulp Gizmos

Post by Nvision » Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:23 pm

I have the sudden urge to sketch up a bunch of Chad's proposed "Transfarmers."

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Re: MUP 134 - Nerdgasms & Mythosy Pulp Gizmos

Post by Morthrai » Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:12 pm

The old GDW Dark Conspiracy range contains many items of "DarkTek" which with a few tweaks would fit right into the category of Mythosy Pulp Gizmos. Might be worth a look if people are stuck for ideas.
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