MUP 122 – Sammons Chanted Evening

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MUP 122 – Sammons Chanted Evening

Post by Keeper Dan » Mon May 08, 2017 2:16 am

In this episode, Dan, Jon and Chad are joined by Beast of Editing Brian Sammons to discuss an upcoming Golden Goblin Press fiction anthology "Between Twilight and Dawn," a collection of Lovecraftian horror stories that begin at twilight and end at dawn. We discuss the book and ways to use horror fiction to inform your horror gaming, plus some other projects underway and a few questions from listeners. This episode was recorded on May 1, 2017 and is sponsored by Golden Goblin Press.

Campus Crier
An update on Into the Cold Waste, a new album by YSDC musical virtuoso Allicorn on...minidisc. Why minidisc? Because Paul is a silly. You can hear more about it on a recent News From Pnakotus

Check out this article about Guillermo del Toro on ‘At the Mountains of Madness’ and a Hard Lesson Learned.

There's a new teaser out for "Call of Cthulhu - The Official Video Game."

Mike Mason was a guest author at Fantasy Grounds' FG Con
Listen to guest author Mike Mason of Chaosium talk about Call of Cthulhu, Chaosium and Pulp Cthulhu at FG Con 10.

The Bloop: An Underwater Mystery That Took Nearly 10 Years to Solve

The sound of bursting of glacial bubbles, or "Breath of Ages" was also mentioned.

Here's a first look inside the printed Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic, new supplement for Call of Cthulhu

Ongoing Campaign Updates:

A Forest: Lovecraft based "choose your own adventure," where half the profit will go to cancer research.
A Cthulhu based interactive horror novel that develops differently based on your decisions.
Here's a look at the hallucinogenic text the Scott Dorward found promoting a fake PF copy of The Two-Headed Serpent.

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Sigil & Sign update - the Cubicle 7 game where you play a cultist.

Sweet Dreams Cthulhu: A Lovecraftian Bedtime Board Book

The Book of Contemporary Magical Things from From Stygian Fox - 100 pages of modern, seemingly mundane, items that are imbued with magical power.

Archive: Historical People, Places, and Events for RPGs - Archive is the sequel to a book successfully Kickstarted five years ago: The GM’s Real-World Reference.

Between Twilight and Dawn - A collection of Lovecraftian and cosmic horror stories that begin at twilight and end at dawn. This episode is sponsored by Golden Goblin Press with an eye to getting the word out about this fiction Kickstarter, though it is still covered as Crier news).

In light of the upcoming Kickstarter for Between Twilight and Dawn, we talk with Brian about how to use fiction or films to spur horror gaming ideas.

“We are interested in having Brian Sammons on to talk about the project and other things, such as the difference between fiction and scenario authors and authors who do both, and our fiction companion line (fiction collections supporting RPG projects).

Kingsport scenario he is about to start Writing for us, part of the 1 week kingsport themes KS we are running next year as a Sequel to Cold Warning.”
A Year In Kingsport - Brian’s scenario is tentatively called- Prisoners of the Escape

Tails of Valor - Cat stories RPG book

Tails of Terror fiction anthology

Next Anthology book will be Lovecraft Country- Then and Now.

Sam Gafford- The House of Nodens - Dark Regions Press

Questions from listeners and MU luminaries:

Bret: Why is Kingsport awesome?

Sean: Best non-Cthulhu book you read in the last year. A Head Full of Ghosts

Bret: What movie would you like to see make into a scenario? The Taking of Deborah Logan

Max: What is your best horror gaming moment? He took the novel "The Scream" and made a campaign out of it.
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Re: MUP 122 – Sammons Chanted Evening

Post by Graham » Mon May 08, 2017 1:30 pm

Good episode so far as I have listened to it. What happened to the Cardfile? Surely you've not run out of good stuff yet...

The comment about Kingsport having a 'rubber reality' made me think of a review of a 1986 film called 'Nomads' which manages to pull off the same trick in Los Angeles:
The suggestion the film leaves one with is the extraordinarily eerie sense of a rubber reality where haunted things sit unnoticed alongside the everyday.
Richard Scheib: Movie Review - Nomads (1986)

The trailer for 'Nomads' can be viewed on YouTube.

And if anyone is looking for cinematic inspiration, the Wiki has a category devoted to films that could be used for plot ideas. ... lm:General
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Re: MUP 122 – Sammons Chanted Evening

Post by Nvision » Tue May 09, 2017 8:14 pm

The "body snatchers" or replicant disorder is called "Capgras delusion," and it can be potentially horrifying when employed well in scenarios. I've had some experience with it, as my brother was suffering from it as part of his first bout of acute schizophrenia. When we went to visit him after being in custody for a couple of weeks, his first question to us was, "What's wrong with your eyes?" He scrutinized myself and my wife through the entire visit, he was apprehensive, nervous, and his eyes continuously flickered over us. He would drop comments like, "You're not fooling me, I know what you are," and "I know why you're here. Later, discussing it with him, he told us at the time he was convinced that we, and the rest of the immediate family, had been killed and that demons had taken our faces. Dilated pupils and other small clues in the eyes were apparently indicators or an imposter. My mother has black/brown heterochromia, and though she's had it her whole life, this was another sign. He has vivid recollections of being wheeled around in the hospital and seeing his girlfriend and his (fraternal) twin lying dead on gurneys in rooms, which is why he was certain we couldn't be "us." It was pretty intense on the other side, so I can only imagine what it was like for him.

Game-wise, there are a bunch of ways to work similar themes into a scenario. You've got shapeshifting entities, from Mr. Shiny to Nyarlathotep, creatures that possess others like the Shan, The Beast of Averoigne, or the Yith, and spells like Body Warping of Gorgoroth that could do the trick. The seed might be particularly effective for a single-player scenario, where those around the PC seem not quite themselves, which leaves them with no body to confide in. Alternately, you could play with a group and have the members of the party replaced one by one, instructing them to act slightly differently in play, perhaps with common odd behaviours, and see if the other PCs pick up on the changes. The kind of paranoia and distrust this builds is why The Thing is still one of my favourite movies, and I love introducing that element into games :)

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