MUP Campus Crier Catchup - March 2016

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Keeper Dan
Daemon Sultan
Daemon Sultan
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MUP Campus Crier Catchup - March 2016

Post by Keeper Dan » Sun Mar 27, 2016 11:41 pm

While we work out scheduling and technical concerns, Keeper Dan recorded a solo Campus Crier to hit some of the news that's come out lately.

I know that there are items that I didn't get into the show. Those will be discussed in episode 97, which looks like it will record tomorrow.

Campus Crier
Chaosium's first Organized Play Campaign for Call of Cthulhu kicks off in April!

A Time to Harvest is a campaign unfolding over six months, which will be offered free to all members of The Cult of Chaos, Chaosium's Game Master and Organized Play Program.

“It’s a tightly focused campaign, set in Lovecraft Country, which is inspired by and builds on H. P. Lovecraft's tales", said Mike Mason, line editor for Call of Cthulhu.

Written by established Call of Cthulhu authors Brian Sammons, Charles P Zaglanis, Glynn Owen Barrass and Mike Mason, A Time to Harvest is an an ideal campaign for novice Keepers and players alike, with plenty of advice throughout, but veteran players will also find it engaging and fun too.

"Things are not always what they seem and the players will have to navigate the various twists and turns. It’s also pretty fast paced, with plenty of action putting the investigators into dangerous situations. Whether around the learned halls of Miskatonic University, the streets of Arkham, or the wilds of Vermont, the players will have plenty of opportunities to explore, investigate, and face threats not of this world!”, said Mason.

Interested Keepers should sign up at The Cult of Chaos. Membership is free. Initial campaign materials will be sent out in March.

New Call of Cthulhu Details Coming Soon, Official Website Surfaces
FrogWare's official site for Call of Cthulhu the Official Video Game

TheH.P. Lovecraft Birthplace Marker has been placed near the location where HPL was born.

CoC 7e Kickstarter update -
The cargo ships are on their way!
Australia - CMA CGM VERDI (bound for Sydney)

Canada - SEATTLE EXPRESS (bound for Vancouver)
United States - SEATTLE EXPRESS (bound for Vancouver)

United Kingdom - NYK HERMES (bound for Britain)

Cryptocurium Spotlight
The April Edition of the Parcel of Terror will be an all Blind Box edition.
Keeper Dan of the Miskatonic University Podcast

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Re: MUP Campus Crier Catchup - March 2016

Post by fallingtower » Tue Mar 29, 2016 8:24 pm

Thanks for the effort. Though a solo one. That would be a good show topic...Solo gaming or just Keeper and one player.

Soon Summer will be upon us....nothing better than Cthulhu and BBQ or down in some cool, dark, dank basement with friends.

I just lost a member of my gaming group to diabetes...he was 26. The group had fizzled out, but now because of this tragedy I will start it up again.
If religion were true, its followers would not try to bludgeon their young into an artificial conformity; but would merely insist on their unbending quest for truth, irrespective of artificial backgrounds or practical consequences.

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Re: MUP Campus Crier Catchup - March 2016

Post by fox01313 » Wed Mar 30, 2016 12:44 am

Great short episode & maybe have on the crier catchup, while we are watching the Chaosium feed for ships going over water, toss out a few ideas for people to vote on (might be easier to get votes over the massive list of ideas to pick from for suggestions). Hope the rest of the technical adjustments go well & looking forward to hearing the next episode.


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Re: MUP Campus Crier Catchup - March 2016

Post by Shannon Mac » Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:14 am

Thanks, Dan.
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Dr. Gerard
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Re: MUP Campus Crier Catchup - March 2016

Post by Dr. Gerard » Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:59 pm

Yes, thank you. Schedule hell and lost episodes have made a mess of 2016 so far. We so appreciate the solo effort to keep some momentum going.

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