MUP 096 - Do Not Open This Door

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Keeper Dan
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MUP 096 - Do Not Open This Door

Post by Keeper Dan » Sat Mar 05, 2016 6:10 am

Episode 96 brings in all four hosts for an examination of the social skills in the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Rules as Written. In this discussion, we come to a realization on an aspect of Pushing that's written down, but we hadn't considered before. We also have a chat about using other things for scenario seeds, like weird dreams and actual experiences that can be mined for ideas.
This episode was recorded on February 22, 2016.

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Voicemail from Brian in MA!
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hey guys it's brian over here in massachusetts i just got done listening to podcasts episode 95 + regarding octon chris hulu elder god like i believe that is going to be status doubt for call of chris to lou 6th edition as well as the savage world's system i don't have the screen image in front of me but i believe i read that i don't have it yet so i can verify that 100% so you might want to double check me but i believe i remember reading somewhere online that it is being status out for 6 addition colors go through as well as the savage world system so okay just wanted to call him with that say go pods and looking forward to your next episode okay take care bye bye

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Topic 1-
Forum note from Mike Mason:
PvP - see 7e Rulebook page 60 - Interpersonal Skills: Disambiguation.

This covers PvP social skill rolls and clears up any ambiguity.

Also, in 7e, each skill in Chapter 4: skills has details of suggested opposing skills. You may want to use this a basis if you discuss this topic again.



Charm p60
Fast Talk p65
Intimidate p67
Persuade p72

Difficulty levels p94
Topic 2 -

Personal scares, dreams and nightmares as scenario fodder.
Murph: Blue grass landscape, high school classmate’s talking head on a pike. Guilt over killing the guy.

Nicotine nightmare: walking through high school, finds cigarettes in pocket, then sees friend - who is a giant cigarette. Caught smoking by wife.

Jon: nightmare of abandonment… vacation dream as a kid, traveling with go carts, visit weird house, family leaves me behind in the house… alone

Chad: real story, broke into factory… “Do Not Open this Door”

The Reply All podcast goes urban spelunking

Jon had a story of searching the "drainage" system of a castle off the Rhine River in Germany. (We all know it was the sewer)
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Re: MUP 096 - Do Not Open This Door

Post by EddyPo » Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:50 pm

I enjoyed this episode, especially the scenario ideas grown from your personal nightmares. Reminded me of one I had when I was a kid.

My grandma had this walk-in closet. I dreamt that a shirt from her walk-in closet floated out and tried to strangle me.

You should have a segment where you invite listeners send in their nightmares and you turn those into scenario seeds...or recommend good psychotropics.
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Dr. Gerard
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Re: MUP 096 - Do Not Open This Door

Post by Dr. Gerard » Tue Mar 15, 2016 11:18 am

That does sound like fun! And your shirt ghost sounds amazing. I think i also remember having somewhat like uncanny valley feelings about clothes with no people in them. Shaped like people, but not people. Like the shed skins of snakes.

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Re: MUP 096 - Do Not Open This Door

Post by MikeM » Tue Mar 15, 2016 8:02 pm

Great episode guys!
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Shannon Mac
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Re: MUP 096 - Do Not Open This Door

Post by Shannon Mac » Mon Mar 28, 2016 6:54 am

Good episode with coverage of the lesser known 7E rules.
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Re: MUP 096 - Do Not Open This Door

Post by fox01313 » Mon Mar 28, 2016 11:42 pm

Great episode & love the thing brought up in this episode with skill combinations, which can lead to a lot of interesting things from the sound of it. Like the MUP hosts, also enjoy reading the PDF version but will feel a lot better once it gets overseas to the friendly local game stores so I can buy it to read off the print version.

Another thought with the dreams & the head on the pike instantly reminded me of American Werewolf in London. It would be a lot of fun in the game to either have a repeating dream go to a player where they are going through things like fear & disgust to later in the game having conversations with the head knowing all that happened to it in the dream.

Putting stuff in the dreams for unconscious for the player character to figure out is a nice thing I didn't even think of until mentioned on the episode. If going the shared dream route especially if the players don't realize it's shared, go find some good trigger items to try to force someone into talking about the dream then the realization of the others having that dream too.

For the dream about abandonment in the game, try this idea, to overstate that happening where one character might choose to stay behind or just create some paranoia, give them the dream of the house & having the other character(s) leave but give the abandoned character in the game the dream but from another character's POV where they might pick up on some note or thoughts of what their dream self is thinking before turning away from the abandoned character.

With the door marked not to open, give the player character dreams about the door being there & opened then as the cliffhanger to the next session, they find some relative that found a door like that & opened it so now the fear shifts from opening the door for that player character to someone they know opening it plus having to find the door & go in to save the relative.


On I believe the Unspeakable Oath there was one urban exploration of the NW I would have loved to join in on (can't recall the episode #) but there was talk of some older masonic home that would be quite a treat to explore from the sound of it.

Agreed about mannequins. Won't put the trailer here as it's an early 1980s film & the trailer kinda spoils things but look at a film called Tourist Trap. Was curious to see if it was on youtube but only parts so track down the whole film & see it as cold as possible. Very creepy.

Also another way to deal with sanity loss or just ghosts would be to have fun with the mannequins in the game, where they will move when not looked at or in a various poses. Or if the player goes to sleep they are surrounding him/her.

When the figure in the corner was described in the dream I thought of this, would be fun to figure out stats to this Spirit Halloween creation.


Question from an episode back, did a recording of the Haunting game done at Aethercon ever get to floating online somewhere to listen to??
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