MUP 093 - Elbow Deep in Chickens & the Art of PvP Persuasion

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Re: MUP 093 - Elbow Deep in Chickens & the Art of PvP Persua

Post by fox01313 » Thu Jan 28, 2016 2:38 am

Just love the idea of Bryson Springs going to a Dread version (AP on RPPR is quite hilarious BTW for those not hearing it - http://actualplay.roleplayingpublicradi ... n-springs/ ). Want to say that I've heard of Dead Light going to either Dread or Cthulhu Dark but I imagine any light monster scenario done recently, especially some of the ones in Bumps in the Night, could be easily put into Dread.

For the folks looking into the 2600 now, apart from going to the PC emulators of the older consoles. Try the chain store Movie Trading Company if it's nearby as they have a ton of the older consoles (had to take my not used anymore early Xbox 360 there for trade as it didn't have the HDMI plug so Gamestop wouldn't take it but MTC did :D )

Speaking of board games, I want to say that Actung Cthulhu has a scenario pack out for Memoir 44 the WWII dueling game from Days of Wonder but can't recall the name, next time I'm at Madness games in NE D/FW of Texas, I'll get a shot of it there as it's the only place I've seen it. Just got recently the great Dunwich & Innsmouth expansion for Arkham Horror, Gates expansion for Elder Sign and the Pyramids expansion for Eldritch Horror over the holidays & yet to play them but from looking at the contents, they all seem quite well worth it (esp. Gates for Elder Sign & Dunwich for Arkham Horror).

Video reviews of Eldritch Horror Under the Pyramids & Gates of Arkham ... -under-pyr ... tes-arkham

As for Sci-Fi hard or lighthearted, check on Role Playing Public Radio AP for Know Evil with the Eclipse Phase system. It's really close to the BRP d100% system with the sanity/mental strain in it's transhuman setting but you can roll it really light or quite dark as they did with Know Evil. It's a great setting set up in the core book as a lot is rather open to the GM on what options to go with on what comes next. Good RPPR episode talking about the system in the link below if curious to hear more. ... -eclipsed/

edit: found it so all you people wanting WWII dueling Cthulhu as a board game, here ya go ... -normandie

video review/look through the game ... -sam-heale
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Re: MUP 093 - Elbow Deep in Chickens & the Art of PvP Persua

Post by Shimmin Beg » Thu Apr 28, 2016 10:40 pm

Lots of fun here.

The PVP thing is a regular question and people seem to come up with all sorts of different answers. I think it really does depend on playstyle. Some groups are happy with social combat and PVP rolls. I feel inclined to say, maybe people who enjoy to the more "loss of control" end of horror, and in some cases also narrative indie games? So maybe it's about what you feel is a satisfying game experience. I'm undecided.

Broadly speaking I *think* my take would be, if dice are rolled, they have *an* in-game effect. It's all Schroedinger while people are talking, but once you roll the bones, either someone has been persuasive or someone has not been persuasive.

However, I wouldn't tie the die result directly to the target's behaviour, which I think is the key here. The dice tell you Harvey Warren has made a really persuasive argument for killing Old Man Arkwright, burning down his house and getting out of town. How your character responds to that is still up to you. The die roll tells you you have a reaction to it, but not what that is.

Maybe you accept his arguments and change your opinion.
Maybe you let yourself be half-convinced, so you agree to go along with it rather than any of the alternatives, but you haven't entirely bought the argument.
Maybe you listen to him make a really persuasive argument and realise just how crazy he is.
Or decide he's capable of making a persuasive argument about anything, but that doesn't mean he really believes it (not for more than a few seconds at least) or that it's a good idea.
Maybe you get ticked off because Warren, listen to yourself man, you're getting sucked into this thing and coming out with nonsense like this, that's how good people turn into maniacs!
Maybe you get ticked off because persuasive or not, his morals are atrocious.
Maybe you just don't like the way he talks to you and refuse to listen to his perfectly good argument with its solid evidence base.
Maybe you're so pig-headed persuasion just bounces off you, but you decide to at least pretent to go along with it. Or to lie about what you're doing because he's so passionate about it. Or to give up arguing and do exactly what you want, because it's clear he won't be convinced.
Maybe you're actually convinced by his arguments, but dammit, you've committed yourself now and you can't lose face by changing your position like that.
Maybe you're convinced, but your morals/faith/other friend who completely disagrees mean you still aren't going to go along with it.
Maybe he doesn't actually believe what he said, and he's playing devil's advocate or just throwing out ideas, but actually you think he's really onto something

How does that sound?

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