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This podcast uses a great many resources in even one episode. Below are links to the generous providers of the sound files used in the show, as well as the code and plug-ins used for this website.

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Podcasts are not a profitable venture, so we have some sponsors set up to help defer the costs of hosting and equipment.


Audio Resources:

The reporter in the Campus Crier bumper is Kevin Bachelder.
The opening theme music is Wezwanie (Summoning) from the album Shub-Niggurath, by Ammon.
The closing music is Mystery!, by Kevin MacLeod.
The opening music for the Ilsley Variant Live Play is Dark Hallway, by Kevin MacLeod.
The opening music for the Iron Ghost Live Play is Evil Plan, by Kevin MacLeod.

The following sound effects are all from

118041_concrete-stairs by ArcLegend05 00684 chalk writing 1 by Robinhood76
Looking_in_book by thelilja wilhelm_scream by Syna-Max
male_Thijs_loud_scream by thanvannispen Old Church Bell by dsp9000
Monster by Sea Fury Monster 3 by Sea Fury
growl1 by ubecareful Woodland Walk by Benboncan
Walk_Leaves_FastSpeed by CGEffex worried breathing reverb by Leady
fdv_machine_a_ecrire by FaireDesVagues antique phone – manually operated by FreqMan
scream_02.flac by cdrk Mournful Violin by cottager
Old Church Bell by dsp9000 Thunder by RHumphries
Flapping Wings by acclivity Vomiting Buzzards by Manuel Calurano
Wind by sagetyrtle More Wind by medialint
Monastery Bell by djgriffin Crowd Outrage by tigersound
Suffering by ERH Dogs by ermine
Horse by dobroide Door Slam by Robinhood76
Footsteps by cmusounddesign End Theme by Setuniman
Minotaur Layer 1 by acclivity Minotaur Layer 2 by reinsamba
Sparks by FreqMan Jacob’s Ladder by farbin
Electric Hum by bass-95 Electric Buzz by yasser
Chatting Crowd by Halleck Shocked Audience by unchaz
Crowd Aghast by FlippantMoniker Little Gasp by FreqMan
Big Gasp by FreqMan Big Crowd Milling by Corsica_S
Dark Entity by medialint Light Entity by juskiddink
Gallows Latch by Percy%20Duke Body Drop by farbin
Noose Stretch by laurent Neck Snap by CGEffex
Meat by Rock%20Savage Horse by dobroide
Digging by lorenzosu Grave by shall555
Flies by acclivity Desecration by
Dripping Cave by roscoetoon Cavern by blaukreuz
Panther by videog One Angry Cat by acclivity
Goffe’s Theme by ldk1609 Battle of Hadley by alienistcog
Muskets by aaronsiler Victory Cries by adeluc4
Rosicrucian Theme by klankbeeld Night Sounds by eric5335
Building by hazure Hammers by WIM
Ape Grunts by Soundfxforfree Tigon by Bidone
Pizzly Bear by ERH Guinea Pabbit by J%20-%20Luc
Zonkey by acclivity Beefallo by acclivity
Timpani and Snare by dangerbabe Dance ot the Sugar Plum Fairy by Kevin MacLeod
Train Passing by sazman Steam Locomotive by kaurent
Gulls by acclivity Disconcerting Atmosphere by Setuniman
Clam Diggin’ by Robinhood76 Excavation/a> by gerardhadders
Thud by juskiddink Door Knock by fogma
Door by pagancow Door Squeak by FreqMan
Muddy Book by jymdavis Hastur’s Tentacles by gilligan_itm
Monster1 by gabemiller74 Monster2 by Robinhood76
Screams by Syna-Max/ Slapby kemitix
Harpsichord by Walcha Piano by roby_caso
Harpsichord Violn Flute Concerto by Brandenburg Fire by Dynamicell
Night Sounds by dobroide Violin by cottager
Guitar by cottager Mandolin by cottager