Puttin’ the Band Back Together


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This is a special report regarding the unexpected changes that have come through Chaosium this past week. This episode was recorded on June 7th, 2015.

Here are some links to pages that gave us most of the stuff we discussed:

The Yog-Sothoth forum on the topic

Here are the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Kickstarter campaign updates:

June 2, 2015

June 5, 2015

June 6,2015

RPG Geek thread that Sandy started.


Chaosium’s About Us Staff list on May 31.

To see the current Staffing, hover on the About Chaosium link.

Here is a Greg Stafford interview from 2008 on YSDC.

An Open Letter To Chaosium from September 2004