Entries for the 2012 Cthulhu by Gaslight Contest"> Entries for the 2012 Cthulhu by Gaslight Contest

Here are the submitted entries for our Cthulhu by Gaslight giveaway.┬áThis was our first contest, and we’re thrilled to share the fantastic entries submitted.

Below are the characters included in this free download.

Character Name Era Intended Backstory Sheet Creator
Borya Krucoff 1920’s Borya’s Backstory Ed P.
Carter Wilson Modern Tyler
Emmett Ward 1920’s Emmett’s Backstory Petter J.
Howard Spitz 1920’s Howard’s Backstory John H.
Ira Eugene Kelly 1920’s Ira’s Backstory Troels H.
Jacob Finch 1920’s Jacob’s Backstory JimOfTheCorn
Lewis O’Neil (Contest Winner!) 1897 Tariq Y.
Lewis O’Neil 1924 Tariq Y.
Lewis O’Neil 2012 Tariq Y.
Marguerite Clark 1920’s Tracie B.
Max Shroder 1960’s Thomas
Michel Toussaint 1920’s Michel’s Backstory Phil
Raymond A. Murrow 1920’s Raymond’s Backstory Okamoto
Viktor Filnshkin 1920’s Ty S.
United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition Personnel Modern Silvester B.

All of the files are included in a single Zip file.

When necessary, I added the characters to a sheet provided by Dean on his site Cthulhu Reborn.
There was no modern sheet with fillable fields, so I left Carter as a text document.
If you are a creator of one of these characters and would like details changed (name, add a web site, etc.), just let us know via the contact form.