Post Thu Jun 21, 2018 12:34 pm

Cthulhu Maps and Handouts by MichaelArkAngel

Hi Everyone,

I've made several handouts,maps ,etc, for Call of Cthulhu, and I thought I'd share them with everyone. Feel free to use and share them, hopefully they will be useful in your campaigns as they were for mine!

Dead Mans Stomp: Leroy Turners' Trumpet ... -750801221

Dead Man's Stomp: Morgan and Dupuy Funeral Home Business Card ... -750802494 ... -750802483

The Haunting: Corbitt House 1F ... -736712090

The Haunting: Corbitt House 2F ... -736712537

The Haunting: Corbitt House Basement ... -736712870

There will be more to come!

If there is something out there you can't find, handout-wise, feel free to drop a line, I can help!